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Get to know Adonai Salon's owner and operator, Nancy Page-Grabau, who has 26 years of experience in permanent cosmetic makeup. She has also been a hairdresser for 34 years and an electrologist for 32 years. Nancy is professionally trained in the permanent makeup field, and she is licensed and certified in the state of Wisconsin. Our facility is inspected and monitored by the state of Wisconsin. You will feel safe in our completely sterile environment, and we use only presterilized, prepackaged needles. Needles are used only once, and then they are thrown away.


Depend on a Christian-based, full-service salon that offers the best in permanent cosmetic makeup. We use one of the highest quality permanent cosmetic makeup machines on the market today, and we take pride in continuing to update and further our education yearly. See our price list and contact us for an appointment.

Get permanent makeup

Did you know that Adonai Salon specializes in permanent cosmetic makeup? Visit us for permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lips.


We use topical numbing agents with all procedures to make this a very comfortable and tolerable procedure for you. We have two different types of topical numbing agents to choose from.

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Has your existing permanent cosmetic makeup faded? Has it picked up a little bit of unwanted color? I specialize in toning and brightening any existing permanent cosmetic makeup.