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What is permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics is the process of implanting color into the dermis layer of the skin with the use of a specially designed and approved instrument.


Is the procedure painful?

A topical anesthetic is used, which makes the procedure far more comfortable than anticipated & extremely tolerable.


I have very thin or sparse eyebrows. Will this look natural?

Yes. Permanent makeup looks more natural than eyebrow pencil lines. A hair stroke technique is used to simulate natural brow hairs, or a soft fill-in effect can also be used depending on the amount of eyebrows you have.


How long does permanent cosmetics last?

This procedure is permanent, although clients will experience some fading, this is a natural process over time. Color, no matter where it is, will fade. As an existing client, we incorporate all touch-ups at 1/2 price.


What colors should I use?

There is a right color for everyone. We take into consideration your natural skin tones, hair color, and eye color. A soft color is always preferred.


Can I wear makeup after this procedure?

The procedure needs to heal for about seven days. Then you can go back to your normal regiment.


What about sterilization?

I use single-use, sterilized needles. All other equipment is either sterilized after use or discarded. All guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control).


Can I have an MRI after I have permanent cosmetics?

Yes. There have been numerous studies on the effects of iron oxide pigments when having an MRI. To date, there have been some clients who have experienced a warm sensation, but no adverse reactions have been noted. The iron oxide in the pigments is too microscopic in size to react to true metal. The majority of my pigments are iron oxide free.

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Why permanent cosmetics?

The objective of these procedures is to raise self-esteem, self-confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, freedom. From having to apply eyeliner, brows or lips, as well as to save time. Women who need or who experience the following, realize the positive results of permanent makeup.

  • Visual impairments

  • Unsteady hands

  • Allergies to cosmetics

  • Contact lens sensitivities

The process of permanent cosmetic make up has been used and endorsed for years by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists. They embrace these procedures as nonsurgical “cures.”

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