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Enjoy our peaceful and relaxing salon

Trust a locally owned salon with over 34 years of experience in cosmetology and 32 years in electrolysis

Adonai Salon's price list

Haircut                          $32.00

Haircut and style         $42.00

Style                              $24.00

Up do                            $44.00

Permanent                   $72.00

Color services

Highlighting                  $72.00

Lowlighting                   $72.00

Color                              $50.00

Eyelash color                $40.00

Eyebrow Color             $25.00


15 minutes                   $32.00

20 minutes                   $34.00

25 minutes                   $36.00

30 minutes                   $39.00

35 minutes                   $41.00

40 minutes                   $43.00

45 minutes                   $48.00

50 minutes                   $51.00

55 minutes                   $54.00

60 minutes                   $58.00


Eyebrow shaping with wax                                          $14.00

Lip wax                                                                            $  9.00

Chin wax                                                                          $  9.00

Underarm wax                                                               $25.00

Bikini wax                                                                        $40.00                                            

Leg wax                                                                           $57.00

Leg and bikini wax                                                         $77.00

Ear piercing                                                                     $35.00

Paraffin dip – for dry chapped hands                         $10.00

(great for arthritis)

Facial                                                                                $62.00

Permanent cosmetic makeup                                     $400.00

(piercing is free with earrings)

Adonai Salon - logo revitalash

Lengthening, strengthening

and enhancing your own lashes

Hair Straightening      $72.00

(Permanent Hair Removal)

(Temporary Hair Removal)

I am a licensed and certified Electrologist with the state of Wisconsin with 32 years of experience

I do non-surgical face lifts in my salon. Blue Peel Glycolic Acid and non-surgical face lifts are incorporated into our facials. This program cleans the pres, tighten the skin, penetrates the skin levels, contracts the muscles passively, lubricates and moisturizes the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. The non-surgical face lift will firm and tighten the skin and even the sensitive skin around the eyes.